Keynotes & Invited


Warm-up: London, 30-31 Aug.
Conference: Exeter, 2-6 Sept.

The 20th years Selection of

Keynote Speakers

Tomaso Aste

Professor of Complexity Science

University College London, United Kingdom.

Andrea Bamberg Migliano

Professor in Evolutionary Anthropology

University of Zurich, Switzerland.

Alain Barrat

Research director C.N.R.S.

Centre de Physique Théorique, Marseille, France.

Nina Fefferman

Professor of Ecology & Mathematics

University of Tennessee, United States.

Gourab Ghoshal

Professor of Physics

University of Rochester, United States.

Suzy Moat

Professor of Behavioural Science

Warwick Business School, United Kingdom.

Alex Pentland

Professor of Media Arts and Sciences

MiT Media Lab, United States.

Keynote is sponsored by:

Fabiana Zollo

Associate Professor of Computer Science

Ca’ Foscari University, Venice, Italy.

CSS senior award



Invited Speakers

We are selecting them!

Richard Blythe

Professor of Complex Systems

University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

Giulio Cimini

Associate Professor of Physics of Complex Systems

University of Tor Vergata, Rome, Italy.

Cynthia S. Q. Siew

Assistant Professor of Psychology

National University of Singapore, Singapore.

Brooke Foucault Welles

Professor of Communication Studies

Northeastern University, Boston, United States.

Karoline Wiesner

Professor of Complexity Science

University of Potsdam, Germany.